Nourishing and Flourishing

Cultivating Balance in an Unpredictable Life


How do you guys handle it when life throws you curveballs? When you feel like you’re blind-sided with, well, God only knows what. I found myself in this position this past week. Let me rewind to about a month ago. I was wrapping up a stressful quarter with school, worried about my GPA, finishing up my undergrad research and trying to forget the fact that I wasn’t taking the summer off of classes. Then, I get hit with some medical issues and my doctor informs me she wants me to get a colonoscopy. I’m 26. I have OCD, anxiety issues and am a wee bit of a hypochondriac. Was this lady for real? So, I anxiously pushed my way through the end of the quarter, wrapped up my research, aced my stats class and tried not to worry about the colonoscopy. The procedure went splendidly (considering the circumstances), I came out in good health and would be up and running in a few days. Except, here I am, nearly two weeks later, and I’m not up and running. I took a serious hit. I have experienced physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion in ways I didn’t know existed. I have spent the past few days angry, defeated and shut down. Today though, I am finding it all ironic. My friends, multiple physicians, family members and coworkers have all pointed out that my stress levels aren’t exactly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. A friend suggested that I had gotten so worked up over school, the colonoscopy and other issues going on in my life, that, after it was all said and done, my body caught up with my feelings and crashed. I think he has a point. I find it ironic because I started this blog to maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle, and I think God took the past few weeks to remind me that I actually need to walk to walk and not just talk the talk. I stopped talking to Him these past few weeks, began to isolate myself and went on a few binges. None of these behaviors are ones I’m proud of and I certainly do not believe they are part of the lifestyle I want to live. I’m here to say that this is the beginning. That everyday is a new beginning. We all fall short. We all mess-up, step away from our faith and will continue to do so as long as we are living. The good news is we can always get back in the game. It’s never too late. You can’t mess-up too many times and help is always just a prayer away.


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2 thoughts on “Curveballs

  1. Cindy on said:

    Hey Kim,

    Sometimes the curve balls are God’s way of testing us. He will never give us anything we can’t handle. Sometimes, they are to help us grow, and sometimes those curve balls are just to give us the experience so that we can help someone else down the road.

    I like your attitude, today is a new day and a new start. Yesterday is already over and we don’t know if we will have a tomorrow. So we have to enjoy today and live today for today. 🙂

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