Nourishing and Flourishing

Cultivating Balance in an Unpredictable Life


Sounds so serious, deathly almost, doesn’t it?? Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds…I promise! All this talk about my dark days, frustrations, road blocks, realizations, blah, blah, blah….is getting so old lame. I decided that instead of talking about putting things into action, I need to actually put things into action. So, my friends, it is execution time.

To be honest, I’ve really been hung up on this blog thing. I have been afraid to write and put myself out there because, well, I’m a newbie. Why would anyone want to look at my lame-o blog when they have a gazillion other awesome sites to follow? It dawned on me this evening that, while I may be new, I do think I have something to offer…and we all have to pay our dues, right? So, I will acknowledge that my material isn’t exactly what I want it to be yet, my  pictures, or lack thereof, are lackluster and unprofessional, and my writing skills could use some schooling. My site looks like a train wreck–I’m at a loss on how to navigate WordPress, pondering over widgets, links, pages, and how in the world to get it all to look like I have any clue as to what I’m doing on here. All that being said, if I don’t start doing something about it, it’s never going to become anything, right? Will you be patient with me, friends? I can assure you, that in the future, I will provide lovely pictures, yummy recipes, awesome workouts, and well, you’re stuck with my random ramblings, as I’m living out my life on a little screen for all the world to see, and I tend to be an open book.

In addition to getting this blog going, other things in my life that I’ve mentioned need attention and action as well. So, I thought I would share with you my plan. Have you ever been in some sort of rut in life, where you know you need out, but you just don’t know what to do?? Welcome to my world. Well, after many months of tears, pouting, praying, and pouting some more, I’m executing this plan I’ve been talking about and cleaning up my mess. Here is how I’m going about it. I hope you can take away something useful, and if not, thanks for humoring me!

The E.P.

  • Detoxing. Now, I’m not talking your average “it’s-January-and-I-must-drink-nothing-but-liquids-to-lose-all-the-holiday-weight” detox. I’m talking about removing all of the toxic junk from your life. This means anything and everything that is unessential in your life has got to go. I am starting this now–slowly, but surely. This could be a multitude of things including: toxic relationships, unhealthy habits (raise your hand if you loooove anything containing sugar), clutter surrounding your environment. The list could go on. So step number 1, DETOX!
  • Set Goals. After  During the detox process, I plan on averaging three posts a week, pictures included! My blog will still be ugly and my posts mediocre, but practice makes perfect, right? For anyone else out there trying to execute some grand master plan, this step could involve you dedicating some amount of time toward your goal each week, and making no excuses. Get it done!
  • Educate. I love all things fitness and nutrition, but am doing very little to move forward in these areas. I plan to start reading books, blogs, and anything else I can get my hands on before returning to school in the fall. This is something we can all benefit from doing. Educating yourself on what your passionate about can only bring about good things!
  • Make a time-line. Having  a time frame in which to achieve your goals is crucial, or else you run the risk of never accomplishing said goal! So, for me, I plan on having a logo and a beautiful blog by the end of February. This doesn’t mean it will be permanent or exactly what I want, but it will be appealing to your eyes, at least.
  • Breathe. Relax. Do some yoga. Pray. These are all things that I know if I fail to do, none of the above will ever happen peacefully, if at all.

So there you have it, Kimmy’s Execution Plan of 2013. Now, you guys get to keep me accountable. Fun, eh? Do any of you have any goals or time frames you’re shooting for this year??


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4 thoughts on “Execution

  1. I look forward to your future blogs! Just have fun with it!

  2. Luisa Caparoula on said:

    Kimmi! You’re just want I need! I love your blogs so far and I love your attitude that you have adopted/are adopting. I love you! Keep it up!

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