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A tale of lost gloves and inquiries.

The aforementioned are completely unrelated, yet small, random enough topics I’d thought I’d combine. Why not?

Let’s start with the gloves. This is really a tale of the goodness that still exists in humanity, played out through the returning of said gloves. A few weeks ago, Bryan (hereinafter referred to as “hubby”) and I went out for a fun night of geeking out on our laptops followed by chowing down on some delicious, albeit, spicy, Indian food at a new restaurant we’ve been dying to try. Yes, I realize I should have just assumed the food would be spicy, but there was a tiny part of me that was hoping I was wrong. The heat index is growing on me, but I’m not sure I’ll ever have a tongue that endures. Speaking of this restaurant. To all you Columbusites (is this a word?), get Banana Leaf on your radar. The owner is the cutest, nicest, soul and spends a fair amount of time indulging you in the anatomy of the menu, history of the dishes, and technique. What a fun experience!



I digress. Back to the gloves.

So there we were, packing up our laptops to head out for our reservation, when it dawned on me that my gloves were gone! In true Kimmy fashion, I assumed the worst, threw my hand on my forehead, and cried out to my beloved that all had been lost, my gloves never to return! Ok, so maybe that isn’t exactly how it went down, but I was really sad about my loss! These gloves had gotten me through many a winter trek to and from class across campus! You know, sentimental value and all. After collecting myself and our items, we headed for the car, mourning the loss of my gloves excited for the yummy food that awaited us! As I approached the car, my eyes set gaze upon a surprisingly wonderful site! There they were, my lovely gloves tucked into the door handle, awaiting my return! I couldn’t believe it! Someone had actually found my gloves (because I soon remembered I had left them sitting on my lap as I exited the vehicle, ahem) and in a selfless, random act of kindness, returned to them to their rightful owner! I felt so blessed and warmly smiled as I was reassured of the kindness of strangers.

There ya have it folks, the tale of lost gloves and the goodness that still exists in humanity.

And now onto inquiries! This is where I’m asking you (yes, YOU) to let me know what kind of things you’d like to hear about on this here blog. I realize that it is my blog, and ultimately, I’m going to write about what I know and what I’m passionate about, but I really do care about what my readers WANT to know, ya know? So, whether it’s food, fitness, faith, friendships, or quirky life stories, advice, places to travel, wine, and dine, let me know! I want to cover what I can and have fun with it! So tell me out there, what do YOU want to hear about?


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4 thoughts on “A tale of lost gloves and inquiries.

  1. Fitness, wine, and dates with the hubby! Sparing some details obviously 🙂

  2. Aw cute story about your gloves. Fitness, faith, and funny stories/ tid bits always get me! 🙂

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