Nourishing and Flourishing

Cultivating Balance in an Unpredictable Life

Blog Faux-Pas

I’m pretty sure I’ve committed a crime in the blogging world. It’s been nearly a month since my last post. Yikes. I think the golden rule of blogging is to be pretty consistent and frequent with your posts. Epic Fail. What can I say? I had every good intention of posting at least once a week, but life happened. I had to re-prioritize and figure some things out, which meant no blogging. I’m slowly getting things back in order, figuring out what needs to be figured out, and moving forward. Thanks for being patient with me, friends. I’m realizing that as much as I plan out my life, God usually has a different route He wants me to take. I’m beginning to look at God as a set of training wheels that I can never take off.


He’s always there, on either side of me, matching me step-for-step, breaking every fall. When I let go of Jesus, just like taking those little wheels off, I fall. Hard. While I can be pretty self-sufficient for the most part, I will always need the support and safety of my Savior, much like that of those little wheels. So, as I journey on, I’ll keep posting on the blog, sharing my journey with you. This one might be brief, but I knew I needed to at least pop in and say that I’m still alive!

What do you do when life throws you a curveball?

How do you get back on track?


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